Designers -  Julieta Franco
The "Once upon a Dream" is a Portuguese brand with more than 25 years.
A World full of color and magic, made of enchanted rags and lots of little moon spells. Elves, witches, princesses, fairies ... are all part of this magical world, the imaginary world of Julieta Franco.
More than 300 characters have been born out of this dream, who populate the various worlds of "Era Uma Vez Um Sonho".
The World of Fantasy, World of the Moon, World of Earth, World of bugs and Villa Alegria.
All made by hand, full of color and magic.

I, Julieta Franco, the creator of this dream, am a mother of three and a grandmother of almost four.

I had a job that didn't make me happy, so I started a Christmas fair, where I sold all the dolls I created and even the shelves I create to exhibit them.

I thought, it's now or never, I risked everything, I left my job from 9 am to 6 pm and I dedicated myself to that dream until today. I work a lot more hours, but I do what I love. In this dream I met fairies and elves who helped me to create and spread this magic around the world.