Designers - Margarida Kol

She finished his Communication Design course in 2002 at the University of Aveiro, having subsequently completed a postgraduate degree in Communication and Image at IADE - Creative University (Institute of Art, Design and Enterprise).

She went through some Communication, Design and Advertising Agencies where she always worked as a designer and Art Director. He worked for the Instituto Camões Lisboa, where she produced various graphic communication materials to publicize internal and external events, including a stand for Expo Língua Portugal. She was a resident designer at Teatro D. Maria II for 8 years, having been responsible for the Teatro's newspaper, for the graphics of the shows' programs, press files, programming brochures, institutional brochures, posters and all promotional materials, for the Exhibitions and by Sinalética (from inside the theater).

At the same time she collaborated with Teatro Villaret, Teatro da Politectécnica, Teatro da Comuna and Cinema São Jorge.

She did theater photography, events and photographed for some edited books. She participated in two group exhibitions with photographic and design works of her own.

She is currently a freelance designer and professor in the courses of Graphic Design and Marketing and Advertising in Lisbon.

Inspired by the active lifestyle, she paints on surfboards, where her characteristic drawings are a combination of meticulous and symmetrical lines with spontaneous freehand patterns.