Designers - Rita Correia

Rita Correia (Oeiras, March 1977) has a degree in Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon.

Although she started to illustrate professionally from 1999, she usually says that she has a career of more than 30 rings, because even before she knew how to write his name, she already drew people, trees and bears with great detail and conviction.

Therefore, the artistic area presented itself as inevitable from an early age.

She currently illustrates several projects for children's books, articles and editorial covers, as well as some brand images and school books.

In 2012 he writes and illustrates "A book for you" deciding to create an author's edition. It follows "O Meu Nome É ..." which also includes an unprecedented song of his own, and "Ilumina" in 2017.

The three projects are based on the same principles and values, two projects highly valued in the school community where the author-illustrator frequently presents them in storytelling workshops across the country.