Relax, treat yourself to a moment just for you!

Enjoy that moment to create a piece with your own hands. Revive traditional techniques in a contemporary piece for your home or to offer.

With the execution of this activity you will live a moment of your own. Believe me! It is by concentrating on your creative project that you achieve greater enjoyment of the moment. Your head and heart travel to another place, where you end up experiencing a greater ability to manage emotions, stopping the “autopilot” in which we find ourselves on a daily basis.

The execution of these pieces provides a state of WELL BEING and empathy with the techniques, with the materials ... the delight of the colors and even, a relationship of sympathy with the designers of the pieces.

Even people who think they are awkward for manual work are able to challenge themselves and, with the help of our kits for each specific technique, realize themselves in the realization of a piece full of value.

Why buy an iCraft KIT?

The advantages are manifold, starting with all the collaboration of the community of artists / designers, the guides that do not let you go wrong and do not forget the optimization of the materials, since they are available in the quantities necessary for the exact execution of your project, excess material is minimized.